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28th Aug 2004, 01:18
I know that you can trade items for cash at Rennes' Pawnshop but he always asks if your buying or selling, how do you go about buying something?

28th Aug 2004, 03:04
At that point she does not buy anything. Lara is offering for sale all of the valuable items in her inventory when she says: "How much for these?"

As you "use" each item in her inventory, her Euro count increases.

Later she comes back to buy, but too late.

28th Aug 2004, 03:41
oo ok then thanx

28th Aug 2004, 17:48
that shows this game was rushed cause u r suppose to buy or sell at any time plus there was a herb shop that was suppose to be a place where u can but health items for lara but they did not allow u to buy things.

and oter palces in par ghetto was suppose to be accesable but they did not make them :(

28th Aug 2004, 20:00
Really??? The game would probably have been more interesting if they finished all they had planned cause I have 8700 euros and what am I supposed to do with all of them!?!? It's kind of pointless.

Lara Freak
4th Sep 2004, 17:17
ya' know 3000 euros will be used to buy a viper from Lud**** and that is if he sells it to u, yer know?

Be more polite and be craful with yer sentences, Ma Chere......:p

Lara Freak
4th Sep 2004, 17:19
Lud D
= Lud****

4th Sep 2004, 19:02
buy a viper?

4th Sep 2004, 19:06
this gun he offers you for 800 but i never had enough money when he offered it to me

4th Sep 2004, 19:07
aha, ok then I kno sumthin new I now when I get 2 that part I'm surely 2 have enuff:)