View Full Version : The Girl on the Cover

27th Aug 2004, 00:04
At EB Games they have a display box with the cover and there is the cute blonde on the cover, its pissing me off because I have seen her before but I cant put a name to the face. I know there are 2 pornstars in the game and I am almost positive this girl is one of them. SO if anyone knows the 2 names please let me know. Thanks

27th Aug 2004, 13:08
I think it might be Tylene Buck (aka Major Gunns from WCW) but can't tell for sure because the picture of the box is too small on the site. And the other girl (not on the cover) is pornstar Tera Patrick.

2nd Sep 2004, 20:33
It's Sunrise Adams

Grey Mouser
9th Sep 2004, 22:36
Nothing like a nice Sunrise...