View Full Version : 6.4 in OXM

26th Aug 2004, 00:47
Hey guys, just got my monthly issue of Official Xbox Magazine and they gave SS a 6.4. I havn't played it myself yet so I don't know what to say about this. Just thought I would let you guys know, and I want to know what you think.

26th Aug 2004, 02:51
in which OXM? October?

26th Aug 2004, 10:55

26th Aug 2004, 15:52
havent got that one yet. I don't subscribe. I think 6.4 is an okay score. I'm interested in what the other Vietnam games are gonna get compared to Shellshock.

26th Aug 2004, 17:09
yeah but they always give hard reviews. ive played games that have been rated bad but were pretty sweet games. like driver 3, and shadow ops. I dont think that any rating will change my mind on buying this game, but however, if there is another damn delay, i aint buying this game!

27th Aug 2004, 04:39
:mad: what...are you serious 6.4!? wtf! wtf! i thought this would at least get a 8.5 hmmmm....i guess i'll still buy it but i got my hopes up for MOV