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24th Aug 2004, 22:50
Is it just me...or is the fact that no backyard wrestlers are in this game?

Perhaps they havent been announced, whatever the case may be...this is backyard wrestler, yes i think its awesome that some of the xpw,czw talent are apart of the game, hell i used to be friends with supreme and messiah back when i wrestled for xpw

However this game is not about that...this game is about no name guys beating the bejesus out of each other. so far from the traliers, the only wrestler who used to backyard was ruckus, i used to watch that guys stuff off there website and was blown away

Aside from him, its all guys from the indy's, some musical artists, and some eye candy

Dont try to tell us el drunko and the masked horndog are backyarders, they are a joke, nothing personal to them, but any backyarder would feel embarassed to be in the same boat as them

Keep in mind, this is comming from someone who not only has wrestled in XPW, but who has been on the very video series that this game claims to portray


Im on the bottom right corner getting choked out by rafik takk
I was a backyarder for 5 years, and an indy talent for 3

In closing...where are the backyarders....can we not be represented in our own game?

Leroy "larcen/RCG" Patterson

P.S. why in the first game was masked mike jackson's voice so deep, in the video series, he has a high pitched voice...whats the deal?

25th Aug 2004, 21:27
True, backyard wrestling is about the average person making something out of themselves. That's what's so great about it. Keep in mind though that although the game is called BackYard Wrestling, it's a game that's being made for the massess (spelling?). Having real backyard wrestlers would be great because it makes the game more authentic but I think having people from other places is good for the game too. For example ICP. They're HUGE wrestling fans which is why they created JCW. A wrestling league for us (the juggalos) by us. I think they make a great fit in the game. Sabu (BYW1), great "extreme" wrestler from ECW. Sabu is an inspiration to hundreds/thousands of backyard wrestlers because of how he wrestled. New Jack, same as Sabu. I think both of them also fit in the game perfectly. And the T&A? Hey we all love that so why not include a little? Overall I think a good mix of people from different backgrounds makes the game that much more appealing (spelling?). It's going to be a great game, especially with online play. :)

25th Aug 2004, 21:46
Im not saying that having others in it is a bad ideas
Im a fan of ICP myself and have all of the JCW dvd's
Its just that we have seen no mention of any backyard wrestlers period
The first game had at least a few recognizable faces from the dvd series
I also find it funny that sabu hates backyard wrestling with a passion (i know from experiance) , just goes to show that money talks i guess

New jack is awesome too, i thought he was gonna kick my ass one time, but he just walked over to compliment me on my match that night

I agree that they belong, as well as the TandA but lets see some backyard wrestlers, thats what this game is about

Whipped creme is great, but it needs to go on a cake

26th Aug 2004, 13:31
On the wrestlers page on the site there's still 3 more wrestlers that haven't been announced, maybe those will be backyard wrestlers.

26th Aug 2004, 20:37
Well, after watching the videos

They have yet to mention:
The Messiah
and a few of the female characters whos names escape me at the moment

Now Ruckus is the closest thing to a backyard wrestler in the game
He wrestled for HCW (i think) as claude marrow, and was badass back then, and is badass now

as for the mystery character, it even says is it a wrestler? a musician? an actor? Which leads me to belive the following:

1. They didnt mention Backyard Wrestler
2. They wouldnt hype a backyard wrestler in that way
3. There is no number 3

I still plan on paying my 54.11$ for this game, I just thinkit was a highly bad move to make a backyard wrestling game, without any backyard wrestlers
My hopes are they just havent mentioned all the backyarders in the game because no one would know who they are and it wouldnt be a good marketing ploy
However just the mention that real backyarders are in it would make me warm up to the game a little more.

27th Aug 2004, 16:30
I know who one of the people that hasn't been annouced yet is.
Its the Sandman.
If you pay attention to one of the videos you see the sandman swinging someone around through those little videos.

I do agree with the part about there being real backyard wrestlers on there. I doubt they would really have to pay them, because BY wrestling is a non profit sport, and yes I called it a sport.

I've backyard wrestled for 5 years and still am, i know if they gave me a chance to be in the game i would in a heart beat for free.

I currently wrestle for the EWA, Extreme Wrestling Alliance, in Kentucky. It is a backyard fed. I go by Hardcore Messiah *i decided that name after i saw XPW's Messiah for the first time* and his twin brother Dreamer.

27th Aug 2004, 19:33
THE Sandman?! I'll have to watch those trailers again to see if I can spot him. If he's in the game then F yeah! Sandman was one of my favorites from ECW (ahhh the good 'ol days). I LOVE backyard wrestling but I don't do it myself 'cause I'm in a band and I don't want to injure myself then can't be in the band anymore, lol. But I consider it [backyard wrestling] more art then sport.

27th Aug 2004, 20:00
that new thread was supposed to be as a reply to this. I guess you could just carry over the conversation there.