View Full Version : Crave poaches Dyer from Eidos.

24th Aug 2004, 20:57
Nima Taghavi, CEO of Crave Entertainment Group (CEG), announced today the election of Rob Dyer as president and chief operating officer. Dyer brings over a decade of executive experience in the interactive entertainment industry to his new role at the privately held distributor and publisher of videogame entertainment products.

Prior to joining CEG, Dyer was president of Eidos Interactive. He also managed showcase brands including Tomb Raider, Deus Ex and Hitman while building a direct sales force and improving consumer focus testing. Earlier, Dyer was president of Crystal Dynamics for four years

Crave's full press release can be found here: (among other places)




24th Aug 2004, 23:27
Following the Eidos corporate theme for a trifle longer, financial analysts in the UK are saying Ubisoft is backing away from Eidos, viewing a buyout at #150 per share as " too expensive."

Having said that. Do Eidos really need this? They're sitting on a nice bit of cash atm, own numerous successful IP's and their share price (although nowhere near that value of five years ago when it peaked at #1000 per share) is stable. I don’t think the mauling of AOD has left an indelible mark on their operations, although I’m still dubious about porting the Tomb Raider franchise to Crystal Dynamics… having said that, Crystal Dynamics have done a remarkable job with the Soul Reaver series so I’m reluctant to impugn their vision for Tomb Raider.

Gotta say this tho… I think both Adrian and Jeremy certainly became the fall-guys for Eidos and I hope CiRCLE will emerge as a contender when they release their first video-game mid-2005.

I’ve rattled on for long enough. Be nice to hear some input on this.