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24th Aug 2004, 17:17
I know it’s a bit early to be talking about possible expansion packs, but I thought I'd see what people would be looking for. I reading the debate going on over what time period the game should cover, and I think I agree that the game when released should focus on an 1790-1830 period. That being said, you could release expansion packs to fill in some gaps left in the 19th century. For instance,

First I think I'd like to see an expansion pack come with a world map and add maybe Americans and Turks (While Turkey by herself was not a mighty military power, she did have a hand in maintaining a certain status quo. Austrian, Russian, British, and even French all had interests in seeing the Ottomans lose or keep ground. This would be a very good scenario for a diplomatic game) as possible playable empires. The added territory would give it a more global empire feel.

If that’s to grand for the game engine, then maybe focus could be specified to time periods or geographic areas. Such as a "war of 1812" pack. Or possibly an American civil war one as well. Allot of options.......Polish uprising......I would love to see an expansion pack focusing on German unification!!!! The challenges militarily as well as diplomatically would be very fun indeed.

Can’t wait for the game.....hope it plays as good as it looks.

24th Aug 2004, 21:26
So many battles have been fought in the 18th/19th century which makes me think that an expansion would be needed to make the game complete.
It would be awesome to see an editor for this game. The Commandos communty asked for a simple editor to show coordinates on the map but never got it. The very same counts for Praetorians (we did got support for this game though (explanation how to decode most files), but only a few could do something with it but didn't. :() I'm still hoping that some tools will be released some day, no matter how long ago the game release is. In the FAQ I also have the question if there will be an editor for the game. Let me quote:

Many times has been asked why they don’t release an editor for their games, then their answer was that their games are too complex for modding because every mission is unique and one of it’s own. The real reason has been said only once: “to avoid the crappy scenarios that so often appear on the Internet.”
That are two complete different reasons... It is a fact that Commandos has a build-in editor (locked though...) So saying that the game is too complex for modding is not a good excuse (modding the maps is though, their file sizes are way to big to put on a server.)

Pyro Studios, please hear my prayers, release an editor for Imperial Glory, it would be a wise idea!! (And also please tell how to unlock the editor in the Commandos games. :rolleyes: )

I hope this post won't be simply ingored. I have a lot of respect for the people working at Pyro Studios and Eidos, but that doesn't mean I can't say what I dislike right?

25th Aug 2004, 06:02
Originally posted by sick
So many battles have been fought in the 18th/19th century which makes me think that an expansion would be needed to make the game complete.
It would be awesome to see an editor for this game...

I'm sorry, but as a player I HATE expansion sets.:mad:

It always makes me feel like the company is just being greedy and trying to ring more money out of me.:mad:

I know this is not always true - expansion sets are released to boost an already popular title.:rolleyes: But that raises an issue too - if IG is a flop there will be no expansions.

Please release a complete game.

Expansion sets are also bad business. I wonder how many players now do what I do? Wait a year and then buy the game complete with all expansion packs. That has to hurt the developer - when you buy the game and expansion packs for 20-30% of the new price??

If this game is released on the basis that "there will be an expansion later" I will save my money and buy it when complete.

Oh, Editor idea is good.:)

25th Aug 2004, 08:28
Knowing Pyros history they only once released an expansion pack and that's several years ago. As for as Eidos goes I don't recall any expansion packs (aside from Beyond The Call Of Duty of Pyro Studios).

25th Aug 2004, 11:58
Agreed, I usually dont care too much for expansion packs as, most anymore are simply "add 5 new areas and 2 new vehicals" packs. I hope that this game first and foremost is complete game that plays well. But, I would like to see alot of features addded, and most likely they will only be implemented in an expansion pack.

As far as editor or mod tools go, I simply cant understand why Pyro or whoever wont release them. In my opinion they should not only release, but actually encourage them! Nothing makes a game grow like mods and such.....i.e. Half Life! If their not going to add this stuff....then let us do it!

Long Live Prussia

19th Sep 2004, 11:43
sometimes expansion packs are great pastimes for game fans. good games would normally end up with one or two expansion packs or so called "series" they are a sure sell if the parent game is good and enjoyable.

22nd Sep 2004, 16:35
Agreed....I think that company's should not count on expansion packs in so much of a way that they take parts out of the initial game.....but

Oh, and I guess you liked Fable......I know its off topic....but did it not seem to 'linear' for you...I thought the whole premise was that you could do anythign...and yet..in the game..you could not even get off the roads in the game.....

Long Live Prussia!

22nd Sep 2004, 18:47
Woah, bloody hell fire, us poor europeans have to wait until next month to see the game(Fable), please try not to talk about anything in it, I like to discover things for my self, as I'm sure do a lot of other people.