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24th Aug 2004, 08:58
From what I read and know from past experience, keep a windows 98/2000 system. Games made in that time frame eventually won't work at all/well with the faster and more updated systems coming out.

My last computer came with ****ty Win ME, I gotta get 98 or something. I can't play my wing commander prophecy game even on that, it runs to fast. Last time I played it it was withwin 95.

Unless any better ideas or fixes without spending hours of tweaking, I think will need to have some separate systems onhand.

Anybody know if it would be better to have just diff harddrives or will having faster systems screw up games as well? For wing commander prophecy, that comptuter is a 1 ghz speed i got in 2000. Came with Win ME, not sure if its wins or prob the speed, but the movie sequences all just flicker super fast when playing. Game crashes too. Don't know if having win 95/98 would help that or not or if needing a slower computer.

Mr. Perfect
24th Aug 2004, 21:58
It's probably the speed fo the computer. I know that Thief one and two both play way to fast on a newer system, but it can be solved by turning on Vsync.

26th Aug 2004, 23:33
just a question...but why would you want to play older crappy gfx games??! if your talking about classics that you will love later on then its an easy solution...emulator. i can play nitendo 64 games on my computer...so an emulator will solve all your problems later on.

Mr. Perfect
27th Aug 2004, 02:31
Assuming someone makes a "Obsolete PC Emmulator" a couple years from now. ;)

31st Aug 2004, 00:45
Erm... ever heard of 'Dosbox'? As for this thread... isn't it incredible how people will blame poor programing and/or their own mistakes, a lack of update patches and so forth on Windows and newer hardware?

Not everything that goes wrong is Microsoft's fault, you know.

1st Sep 2004, 19:30
Originally posted by Guineapiggy
Not everything that goes wrong is Microsoft's fault, you know.

not everything, only 99% :D M$ is pretty bad in my opinion...and i''ve used it since windows 95, i've even used windows 3.1 i believe its called. OLD computer lol.

1st Sep 2004, 20:34
I wish I had an old computer - I have re-played Bioforge a couple of times a year for years, but can't get it to run on my new machine, despite creating a FAT partition especially for it and getting DOSBox. The problem is the soundcard - Bioforge only allows certain IRQ settings, and I can't make that stick on this machine. Plus it's an on-board 5.1 surround sound chip, and doesn't emulate an ancient Soundblaster too well! I should probably have another hack at it some time.