View Full Version : If you have Cheat questions README

24th Aug 2004, 02:50
Some people do not know what some cheats do. I'll explain:

IOINGUN: when you shoot someone, thay will fly up into a wall or ceiling, 'nailed'. PS- if they are nailed on the ground, drag them. see them strech. Litteraly.
IOIPOWER: megaforce. When you shoot someone they will blast away like you shot them with a cannon. (47 becomes more and more powerful if you are on a killing streak)
IOISLO: watch people you killed die in slo-mo.
IOILEPOW: The meelee weapons become fatal. (one swoosh of the axe, katana, club, etc. and you is dead - unlike having to bop them twice to make them die)
IOIER: gives you a bomb, which is useless. IT DOESNT GO BOOM.
IOIGRV: people you kill will float around. This can be used to literaly blow people away from the game so that no one will find their bodies.

If you have any more questions at all, post here. I will get back to you ASAP. :cool: