View Full Version : Teleportation Cheat (and other useful gliches)

24th Aug 2004, 02:37
There is a special cheat in Hitman 2 that will allow you to teleport 47 anywhere the crosshairs are pointing at the ground. This is very handy to avoid guards, skip portions of a level, or to find the perfect sniping spot.

You can teleport anywhere as long as it is a solid, flat surface. You need to be in in 3rd person mode or using the scope or binoculars, because it doesn't seem to work in first-person mode.

To enable this cheat, open the ''keyboard.cfg'' file using ''edit.com''. (notepad won't read the file right, as it is an xml file) Add the following lines somewhere in the middle of the file, between the other entries.

<Mapping Action=''CheatMove'' Activation=''None''>
<Key SCode=''K_(a letter)'' Device=''Keyboard''/>

Binding the cheat:
Put any letter after "K_"

Now while playing the game, press the letter you binded to the cheat, and 47 will zoom there instantly.:D

Other cheats:
*Making hitman 'glide'=
While playing, press the autorun key (default is caps lock) and tap the forward key over and over realy fast (default W).
Hitman will glide, and everyone will think he is walking, even though he is cruising at running speed.

*never reload cheat:
This allows hitman to carry a PISTOL in each hand, and never reload. While playing do this:
1. take out yo ballers. Silenced/unsilenced.
2. Drop them on the ground, and move hitman so that the guns are lying by hitman's RIGHT.
3. Take out any PISTOL into yo hand.
4. Pick up the ballers. You will see hitman moving the pistol to his left hand, and shoving the ballers into his tux.
5. Now, take out any PISTOL or SAWED-OFF.
6. hitman will stand there with 2 pistols. The pistol in his right hand will never need to reload, the ammo will refil automaticly, as long as you have the spare ammo.

No weapons but the hand-guns will work.

*Preform actions faster cheat:
Picking locks, changing clothes, and other actions take a lot of time. Here is a glich that will help.

While hitman is doing the action, rapidly puls the map key (m) a few times. When you are fineshed pulsing, hitman will have preformed the action.
(If this don't work the first time, try tapping the map key a bit more)

Enjoy! :cool: