View Full Version : ShellShock banned in Australia

24th Aug 2004, 01:01
Due to the way drugs and sex are portrayed in the game.

eidos is currently resubmitting it but if it goes through it will most likely have the offending features/themes removed.

Plus apparently some officials have voiced concerns over the violence as well..

Like I said in a previous thread. the Office of Film and Litreture is freaking ghey here in australia and I knew this would happen. which in turn will only prolong its realease date further.. if we get it at all...

24th Aug 2004, 07:29
dang man that sucks...cant you get some one else to send it too you? or can you go some other place and buy it and then come back? jeez...that really does suck

24th Aug 2004, 12:41
I know they are tuff in Australia, but I thought they had just put the release date back to the 24th, or has it been totally banned. Because that would be stupid.

24th Aug 2004, 14:53
thats just for australia, the u.s. is still getting it. And i dont think they are gunna change it again. They better not push the release date back again for america

24th Aug 2004, 15:43
Eidos def won't change the release date again for the U.S. If they do.. anyone who has interest in the game now, def won't buy it.

24th Aug 2004, 18:36
To the best of my knowledge, SSN'67 will still launch on all platforms on 9/14 in the U.S. I'm am not sure about other territories, but I will poke around and see what I can find.

24th Aug 2004, 19:33
Very reinsuring, still counting off the days:D

24th Aug 2004, 20:04
I suppose you could import it from another country.