View Full Version : I know...this sounds kind of n00bish..but...

23rd Aug 2004, 05:16
:) is there any vehicles!? lol

23rd Aug 2004, 14:31
i think you can go on a boat... but thats all i know... maybe a helicopter'

23rd Aug 2004, 16:15
I think you can ride in PBRs and hueys during cut scenes but not actual gameplay. Don't quote me on that cause I haven't played the game. Wait till one of the mods answers.

playing with ak's
24th Aug 2004, 03:07
i dont really know ive played the demo. All though i still didnt see any cars.

24th Aug 2004, 07:28
:eek: ^^^^ u played the demo?? how??

24th Aug 2004, 18:37
Yes, where exactly did you aquire or play this demo? As far as I know, no demos have been released.

24th Aug 2004, 19:31
either he's lying, or he has a pirated version of the game. Cause as far as I know there is no demo officialy released.

25th Aug 2004, 16:59
Well...if he does has a pirated version of the game, then he is going to be in very serious trouble. Eidos has a really good legal department. :D


26th Aug 2004, 02:24
Hey come on guys, lets not jump to conclusions, maybe he's got it confused with the Men Of Valor demo.

26th Aug 2004, 02:27
PLUS ive seen this game on Ebay up for bids by people, not Pre-order, a british guy had a demo from E3, i swear to god i saw one, i was actually thinking on bidding, but i said, whats the use in just playing the demo, when the FULL version is gonna be released in about...19 days

27th Aug 2004, 16:39
Yes, apparently the PAL (UK/European) version of the game was leaked somehow! :mad: Hopefully we will catch the SOB that did it. It's things like this that make my job in tech support a hell of a lot harder.

Pay attention ladies and gentlemen, this is a prime example why video games cost $50 or more

If any of you see someone selling any game online, and it seems like they might be selling illegal copies....contact the publisher of the game. Then the publisher can start an investigation and take legal action if necessary. K? :)

27th Aug 2004, 16:42
hey, if you guys need help, ill go back onto Ebay and see if i can bid on the game, win it, and give you guys the address and stuff for 'em.

27th Aug 2004, 16:44
No need to actually buy the item in this case. Since it is a PAL version, our UK office will take care of it. But thank you for your offer, I appreciate it.:D

27th Aug 2004, 16:46
Hey no problem, I'll help you guys out with anything, im a huge Fan of Eidos Interactive, i go tthe whole Legacy Of Kain series, didnt beat them all sadly though....

27th Aug 2004, 20:05
:D :D :D :D :D :rolleyes:

:( I wanna join

28th Aug 2004, 03:30
so do i... that'd be cool to hunt down game pirates....

28th Aug 2004, 08:33

SgtSpecht1234 a.k.a THE GAME PIRATE HUNTER

A warning to all pirated gamers peoples beware of SgtSpecht1234
a.k.a THE GAME PIRATE HUNTER...quit your piracy or feel his WRATH!!!


28th Aug 2004, 14:49
if i catch someone can i get a freee game!!??:D

28th Aug 2004, 20:22
Damn right....im like a bounty hunter...only to pirates....The pirates peg legs shake uncontrollably when they hear my name....

30th Aug 2004, 17:53
I can't make any promises, but in the past we have rewarded folks who find people selling illegal copies of our games. ;)

Should any of you find someone PM me or e-mail me directly. My e-mail is in my profile.

Pirates Ye Be Warned!!

31st Aug 2004, 02:52
Aw man for real?! ill tell you any information i can find

1st Sep 2004, 04:54
love the pirate accent ye yella belly land lubbers!!!! there is actually an eidos staff member posting on the forums!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!!! AGSRHDTHBAZGSR. since your here do you mind answereing a few questions? considering the official site has taken a 1444 year lunch break. ( if your answer was "no" then disregard the following )
1. Is it just me or are the weapons not fired from the shoulder in the videos??
2. were and bugs worked out or did you guys really just keep the game back w/o optimizing it or making any changes?
3. can you give me any NEW info about the game?
thank you for your time. :-D

1st Sep 2004, 16:44
Depending on the weapon, some are fired from the hip, while others are fired from the shoulder while using the precise aiming mode.

I don't know of any specific fixes, but I do know the graphics were tweaked a bit.

As for any new info, I can post it when I am given the OK to do so by the powers that be. I'm sure you can understand we don't want to give everything away before the game ships. ;)

As far as the website goes, I will again rattle the cage and see if I can get some more updates for you folks. :D

1st Sep 2004, 19:19

1st Sep 2004, 20:46
ok we heard you the first time. Wha'd you get into a fight with your mouse. and the mouse won?

1st Sep 2004, 20:51
messy, he must have clicked post like 5 times. I deleted the extraneous posts :D.

1st Sep 2004, 23:05
well the site should be updated, i mean Eurpoe gets it in 2 days, (actually 1 since they are like 10 hours ahead or something) But why isnt it updated for us? I mean, we get it in like...13 days, if they update it a day before shipment here, im gonna get really mad cause there's no point to a day before release!

2nd Sep 2004, 02:52
something was wrong with my comp that always happens
but i was just getting my point across... JUMPIN JEBUS... want to come sleep over... we can play shell shock and my mom can make us cookies and milk... then in the morning we can play shell shock all day

2nd Sep 2004, 02:59
lol, yeah you can sleep over here to!