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21st Aug 2004, 19:45
Thanks, I got that jump figured out, but now I'm stuck in the part with the 3 ladders blocked by moving knives, up above the other dragon. How do I get past them? I can get to the lower ladder, but then no matter what I try I end up in the same place.

22nd Aug 2004, 00:15
You start the climb up the long ladder near the dragon's mouth. Save the game before you start this climb. You probably won't make it the first few times. You must hold Action continuously until you get to the top. (This would be a good place to have TR6's Action toggle!)

You climb the first ladder, then jump to the ladder to the left, then jump to the ladder directly behind. This is the first place I ever had to do the back-flip, roll and grab maneuver.

Climb up and stop at the fourth rung down from the moving knife. You can go higher, but if you go too high you will take damage as you jump up doing the back-flip.

Continue to hold Action! Press Jump to back-flip off the ladder, land on and begin to slide down the ramp, Press Jump again to grab the next ladder. Climb up that ladder and stop no higher than the second rung below the moving knife on that ladder.

Continue to hold Action! Press Jump to back-flip off the ladder, End to roll and grab the ladder behind. Finally you are safe.

Climb up to the top of the last ladder, and you are ready for the cut scene at the end of the level.

Something to ponder as you watch the cut scene. If Lara, instead of just watching, took some action, she could stop Bartoli and his henchmen right now, and avoid all of the grief that follows.

As you enter the next level, Floating Islands, you will probably wonder where you are and how you got there. Turn around and look up. That green door is where you came out. Everything that you see in the Floating Islands level must be under the Great Wall.

22nd Aug 2004, 00:43
Oh dear, I remember those jumps! :D They weren't very easy, but with a little practice they are definitely possible! And if you are ever going to play COTW or TR A, you need to master that maneuver to perfection! :D

22nd Aug 2004, 23:09
Hey, thanks, Dino. I actually tried a jump and up arrow while I was holding action and she turns in the air so she can grab the ladder behind her. I was pretty surprised it worked. How many more levels are there after the Floating Islands? So far I've found and placed one of the mystic plaques and now I'm trying to get into the tall gold framework structure. ;)

23rd Aug 2004, 01:41
Well, I learned something new. I hadn't tried Jump + Up Arrow to make the jump to the ladder behind. I find that it works just as well as Jump + End. In fact, you can jump back and forth between those two ladders just to practice the skill.

There is one more level after the Floating Islands until Lara gets back home, but the game is still not over. You will see.

As to your current problem. Usually I go into the gold framework structure from the starting position, and have both Mystic Placques before going over to where you place them.

From near the end of the last green block at the starting position you jump forward, slide to the left, jump forward, slide forward, jump forward, grab and pull up.

Previously I have tried to get inside the gold framework structure by dropping from the roof and trying to grab the edge of the floor, but that doesn't work. However, after the slide down to the bottom, you can climb back up to the starting position, and get in there as described in the paragraph above.

I just tried something different that does work. Stand facing inward on the edge of the roof of the gold framework structure, with the sloping green block directly behind Lara. Back-flip to land on the sloping green block, slide forward, then jump, grab and pull up.

Just for information, before the stone guards activate, they can be damaged by harpoons. You see the blood spatters as they are hit with a harpoon. After being shot with about 25 harpoons, they will blow up immediately when activated. If you have made all of the harpoon pickups in the previous levels, and have practiced extreme harpoon ammo conservation, you should have enough harpoons to try this tactic in the several places where more than one stone guard activates at once. Lara looks terrible hanging on the end of one of those long spears.

24th Aug 2004, 12:37
Originally posted by Dino
......... Lara looks terrible hanging on the end of one of those long spears.

I emphatically agree with that! That was one of the most shocking Lara deaths ever!