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20th Aug 2004, 20:14
I was thinking of what you'd be a nice subject for a forum...

lara forever
26th Aug 2004, 17:35
Sorry could`nt understand a word of that :confused:

26th Aug 2004, 17:39
well it does not matter what the forum topic is about just as long as it relates to the game and it benefits the people who play the game and is helpful information

27th Aug 2004, 10:26
Originally posted by Nerevar
Philosophical excursuses, and historical, philological, etymological, sociological, historical, Star Trekical, ad infinitum.
Especially the latter!

27th Aug 2004, 20:59
Originally posted by Solange
Especially the latter!

You mean ad infinitum..? there's already lots of that going on here Princess... :D

29th Aug 2004, 01:59
I don't know, maybe a little bit of everything! :confused:

29th Aug 2004, 10:03
I rest my case....... :D

29th Aug 2004, 10:09
Originally posted by dhama
I rest my case....... :D
***putting a very fluffy pillow under the case as it seems to need rest***

29th Aug 2004, 17:33
Well i already had a forum but i was thinking of changing the subject to attract people. Actually i decided to keep the same subject but in a totally different style. Please guys & gals could you do me a favour to visit the site and tell me your opinion and suggestions?

PS. In order not to spam i'll add a link to my signature pic instead of a url...;)

PS for Dhama: Please visit my site and tell me your opinion... You're a mod too so opinion counts for double...;) LOL

PS for Alti: You know one reply is more than enough...:p

29th Aug 2004, 19:47
I'd like a forum where I could complain about my family members, or bash President Bush. A place to take my anger out and debate with other people!

29th Aug 2004, 20:33
i know it would be fun to have a forum in which you could scream, swear or tell sb off... But i don't think i would be the right guy to start such a site... Perhaps you could since you said that...! if you do just ask me for the board hosting url...

29th Aug 2004, 21:33
Originally posted by Panoulis

PS for Alti: You know one reply is more than enough...:p

Roars with laughter I'm sorry I didn't realize it did that, so I was a good girl and deleted the duplicates...

30th Aug 2004, 09:30
you know this should be a mods job but since they are busy locking threads/banning members, it doesn't really matter i guess...:rolleyes:

PS. Good Girl...!:D