View Full Version : Please Update Website!!

20th Aug 2004, 18:24
im sick of goin to the official website and see the same updates from JUNE!! Eidos really needs to update this website soon.. especialy the american site.... we have the least updates out of all of the other countries, and i think the U.S. would bring in more profit for eidos than any other country...At first the website was awesome, then a couple of months past and it started to get old... So update the website and keep me interested.... NOT to mention i have already paid for it, so i cant ****in wait!!

20th Aug 2004, 18:40
they should add more of the music that's in the game, and update all weapons,characters, soldier's diary and pin ups

20th Aug 2004, 18:51
I second that emphasis on the pin ups :D

22nd Aug 2004, 15:10
im dying to see the last journal entry, and all the weapons

22nd Aug 2004, 18:29
word yo,
they should update it i go everyday to see if anything else is updated but nothing...yeah i checked out the other sites they got more crap then us! update it with at least something! lol:D

25th Aug 2004, 03:53
Do any moderators know if they are working on the website still or did they just give up on it, any info would be appreciated

31st Aug 2004, 19:53
Eidos must be asleep at the wheel cause the main site's last update is June 11th 04. They make it seem like they don't know how to promote a game. They still didn't even put up the confirmed release date in the news section.

31st Aug 2004, 21:20
14 ****** DAYS

the 14th is the release date... i always that it was the pre release date..... Woo hoooo