View Full Version : PC Infinite Health Patch

20th Aug 2004, 02:50
Anyone know where I can download it?
Did a search for it and I only found sites that are now defunct.
I thought tombraiderchronicles had it but I can't find it there.

20th Aug 2004, 06:42
Of course u can't find it, It doesn't exist :D

20th Aug 2004, 13:35
If you do the weapons cheat in games 1-4, you recieve a large store of health packs - infinite in TR4 , actually. On the other hand, in TR5, all you get is the weapons, you have to squeek through on the health packs found in the game. And in AOD, there is no health cheat that I know of.

20th Aug 2004, 14:24
It does exist - I used it quite a long time ago.
Lara does not die under water when her health bar runs out.
The other cheats are totally different but thanks for the reply.

20th Aug 2004, 17:08
Or you could use the savegame editor to give Lara any number of health packs, weapons and ammunition

20th Aug 2004, 20:16
There's a more useful tip when playing Tomb Raider or any other game of it's genre, always run at the enemy and wait till you're close before shooting; they take more damage more quickly.
Who needs the infinite health patch anyway.....

20th Aug 2004, 20:19
me...........exploring underwater.:)

21st Aug 2004, 13:11
Originally posted by bene1
me...........exploring underwater.:)
The "Fly patch" is good for that........it puts Lara in swim mode as long as the cheat is active. Lara can even catch fire and not die.........as long as there is some water around when you terminate the cheat.:p

The down side is it only works on certain versions of the original games (TR 2, 3, and 4).......for me, it only worked on TR3 and TR4. It's a lot of fun getting close to places you could only see from a distance!

24th Aug 2004, 17:56
lol unlimited health patch

just use god cheat or some trainer

and btw i think if u have unlimited health the game will probabily still make her drown underwater and if u fall off a building or some other place the game would probabily crash or u would be at the end of nowhere