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19th Aug 2004, 09:02
ok i just got that new OXM that comes with the Men of Valor demo...the demo was ok but then it got pretty gay because your fellow troopers are STUPID...but yeah i was looking at the pics of Shellshock Nam'67 in this here mag and...well...theres no other way to put this...but they look like CRAP!!!...no no dont flame me im just saying that they look like crap its some PS1 looking graphics!! it pissed me the (4 letter word) off!!!! i was like what the hell? i was waiting for this supposed to be "kick arse" game and THIS is what it looks like??...i mean it could be because its in a magazine that the pics got kind of messed up?? or maybe the graphics got a lil more tweaked an i havent seen any new pics. Well fill me in fellow gamers/informers/gangstas/people/i dont know what else to put so im OUT

19th Aug 2004, 11:21
calm down...really.... take a deep breath.... in and out..... ok.... Maybe the screen shots that youve seen look bad.... but the ones that are on websites such as www.gamespot.com the graphics look kick ass. The graphics are going to be better than those because from what i heard they worked on the graphics. And this game looked really good when i was watching the gameplay videos from way back in june or when ever,which are the real graphics...but have you seen the new screen shots on gamespot.? they look pretty good.. But i hope your not right about the bad graphics.

19th Aug 2004, 14:18
thanks homie! haha i peeped gamespot an peeped dem pics they were TIGHT lol well alright man thanks

19th Aug 2004, 15:32
The MOV demo was awesome man. I beat it 12 times already. I like the fact that your squad actually kill people and have to bandage themselves and reload. Makes things more realistic you know. The pics they got for shellshock were bad quality man, don't worry about it. The game is going to look sweet!:D

19th Aug 2004, 23:34
yeah like my 15th time playing the demo i followed troops around as they took cover and noticed that but sometimes they would follow me and end up running into a tree but it was cool how they would say diffrent things each times sometimes they'd be real quiet like "get cova brotha..." or "F*** EM UP!!!" so yeah....but yeah man i hope those pics were just bad quality cuz they were.....horrible...disgusting! lol but YES! Shellshock Nam'67 will kick arse!!! major charlie arse!!

20th Aug 2004, 01:26
I just got back from warped tour 04' it was nasty!!!. but no problemo man.