View Full Version : a little help about a graphics card compatibility

18th Aug 2004, 17:57
can anyone tell me if the ATI Radeon 9600XT is gonna run T3? and if it's any good if you have personal experience

thanks in advance!!

18th Aug 2004, 18:29
What is T3?

18th Aug 2004, 18:34
I guess Thief 3.

18th Aug 2004, 18:36
yeh sorry, that's the one thief 3 deadly shadows

18th Aug 2004, 19:01
Originally posted by DaveJ
What is T3?
Terminator 3!

And as hot as Kristanna Loken is in that movie, you'll need a smokin' graphics card to view it!


Grey Mouser
19th Aug 2004, 23:26
It should run it just fine, provided you make certain to update the drivers - after installing it - to the latest version, Catalyst 4.8 (or higher...)