View Full Version : Vietcong Purple Haze???

18th Aug 2004, 04:44
1)Does anyone think vietcong purple haze will be good? .2) do you think this will help shell shock become popular? ( people might find an interest)

18th Aug 2004, 12:08
who knows?

shellshock will be a big one, i think. ...provided that the gameplay and realism is reasonable and comes up to our expectations.

In my opinion, Vietcong is the best game ´bout the Vietnam War by now...the challenge begins....!



18th Aug 2004, 15:39
Hard to say but my current thought is that the gritty realism of SSN'67 will put it on top in my book. However who can really say since its not out yet?

18th Aug 2004, 16:28
I don't think people will buy vietcong purple haze, whoever had interests in that game probably already bought it for the PC. I think people will buy Shellshock bc of the shock value in the game. I don't think the fighting is that realistic (shooting the enemy 5 times and they don't die yet, and your squadmates die and magically come back to life and start fighting again). But the game still looks awesome.

18th Aug 2004, 17:04
yeah but from what i hear vietcong purple haze is supposed to be slightly different on the consoles with graphics and levels. And its going to be online from what i hear.. it comes out the day i go back to school :( 8/31/04

I think if people play they will get interested in the vietnam conflict and might help shell shock out... but who knows...i cant wait for either to come out i have the both paid for and reserved

20th Aug 2004, 12:40

Vietcong Purple Haze isn´t available at present in the US????

I´ve got the first game Vietcong and the add-on: Fist Alpha

(Purple Haze are both in one package)

...played so many hours i can´t count on.



20th Aug 2004, 18:11
it comes out the 31st of august right? how good was the computer game..? do you think it will be different on the consoles?

22nd Aug 2004, 15:32
i have played it for computer one of the best games i have ever played. check it out its a good one

22nd Aug 2004, 17:13
now i think its release date was pushed back to the 15 of august