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Grey Mouser
17th Aug 2004, 19:04

25th Aug 2004, 02:22
nothing.... waiting impaciently for shell shock to come out :( ... but it will come soon enough, how about yourself

31st Aug 2004, 02:01
Days seem to be going slower lately.

*sings* Anticipation...Anticipaaaaaation is making me late. And Im tired of waiting

31st Aug 2004, 21:31
14 f***in Days!!! and i think it comes out the 14 on the shelves
cause games usually come out on tuesdays and the 14th is a tuesday
but i could be wrong

1st Sep 2004, 01:43
Ya all entertainment media comes out on tuesdays ..movies,CDs,video games, etc, etc ,etc. What sucks is that I'll be busy with school. But I'm gonna be a senior so I'll be getting out at 11am:D

1st Sep 2004, 01:51
yeah im a junior and i just started school today. It aint bad cause we have friday and monday off. That means Drinking ALL WEEKEND

13th Sep 2004, 17:31
^^^^HaHaHa I dont have school on Tuesdays, soo i will get a copy b4 u do HA! J/K...I hope we all agree the game will be good...Otherwise there is gonna be alot of angry gamers!!

15th Sep 2004, 18:04
Nothing much dude! just wasted two whole damned hours try escaping from fort bradly. What a sad day for a grunt like me to die at the gates.... two more steps and i might get the end. Bah!