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17th Aug 2004, 09:13
Study screenshot 3 to 4, on picture 3 you can see french soldiers taking cover around a church like building, there is even one inside the door, and on nr.4 you can see soldiers again covering behing trees, I assume that you can do this in the game, but how will it exatcly work? I mean, you have infantry troops of like 50 soldiers in it, then if you want some of them to cover as on these two screenshots, well these soldiers become independent and split from the large group? Would be kinda strange having 50 soldiers hiding behind 3 trees, dont you think? OR can you split and unite troops directly on the battlefield? Oh and one more thing, I wonder if you can fight from/inside houses? First I didn´t think so but now I have seen the french one inside the door( if its not an extra door behind him:D ).

17th Aug 2004, 09:23
I'm pretty sure you'll be able to split troops, this was the case in Praetorians. I read somewhere in a preview that you can order your troops to take position/cover in houses and the likes.

17th Aug 2004, 09:28
Okay, thanks for the headsup. I think I have to buy Praetorians

17th Aug 2004, 15:06
I'm fairly sure that those are voltigeurs.

17th Aug 2004, 16:04
Originally posted by Walter
Okay, thanks for the headsup. I think I have to buy Praetorians

Oh yes, it's a super game. You won't finish the 24 missions in a matter of hours, like most games of these days. It cost me almost 2 weeks to finish it on easy.:rolleyes:
In my opinion the game has a high replay value, I would still pay 50 bucks for it. A real pity that there won't be an add-on.:(

Vic Flange
8th Sep 2004, 16:43
The maps have various interactive areas - buildings, trees, rocks, bits of debris etc. If you, for example, enter a building and there are too many troops for all the windows, the rest will find the best positions they can around the walls etc. Troops using these interactive areas will fire whenever the enemy enters their range.

Of course, if the enemy artillery targets the building you're using...;)

9th Sep 2004, 02:06
how about troops drilling holes in the building they are in, and fire through those, that was something used often, when defending a building, and when there was time to drill the holes.