View Full Version : TR III with "joybox"

17th Aug 2004, 08:22
hi, does anyone know why my joybox (USB device that connects to a playstation controller) won't work properly with TRIII?

only left and up work, none of the other buttons


17th Aug 2004, 14:13
because your doing it right-------duh:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

18th Aug 2004, 00:04
I can't turn the menu ring to the right and lara only runs left or foreward, I don't understand, what is right about that?

21st Aug 2004, 12:16
"gamegerl" didn't understand your trouble, cobelloy, and shouldn't have been rude in an attempt to compensate.

I'd help, but I don't play TR with a controller, let alone a PS-ONE/2 one...

Have you got the joybox working with any other TR games? Why is it you need the joybox?

.....however, I have had a similar problem with a PC gamepad in a different game, the character always pulled to the right, and forward.....I think it was a driver upgrade that fixed it. But it may have been a switch of USB ports, too. :D Someone else will have an idea closer to the answer for you no doubt.

21st Aug 2004, 21:31
Sometimes you have to configure it before gameplay. Maybe plug it into the paddle and then you can change the game controls from the menu to match your joystick. Just a though.

Good luck,

23rd Aug 2004, 23:58
thanks guys, I can always rely on forums for help

I'm actually not much of a game player - I don't have a joystick and the joybox seemed like a really good idea, I have tried downloading the latest driver (and it was the same as the one on the disk) swapping the USB port and it doesn't have any configuration options, it just installs and has no executable files associated with it (except for an uninstaller) anywhere on c: or the start menu,

when I bought it it was called a "joybox" on Ebay but that isn't written anywhere on the unit or the box it came in, only in the driver readme file so I wonder if it is just a bodgy rip off that doesn't work right (it doesn't work with any games so far, but most of my other games are freeware games)

thanks anyway guys!!