View Full Version : How to kill boez?

Lara Freak
15th Aug 2004, 08:39
:( I can't kill boez
i keep shooting her head but she still does not die

Her neverending poison spraying is so irritating.

How to Kill her?


15th Aug 2004, 09:18
After shooting Boaz in the head, she starts spraying goo from one of four pods, two on each side of her back. You must shoot the pod that is spraying. While continually shooting, use the Left and Right Arrow keys to move Kurtis toward the side with the spraying pod. Use the End key to switch to target another spraying pod.

Lara Freak
15th Aug 2004, 09:43
When i destroy one of her pods she returns to charging form and starts biting me(Kurtis). and I can't kick her.:(
When i click End I roll

Chris Daly
15th Aug 2004, 16:21
Dear Lara Freak
It sounds like you have no ammo, grab Kurtis's gun
from his inventory and check supply of ammo

You can run and Boaz shouldn't catch you, run around the very outside of the space, if you do a few wierd circles to confuse
Boaz this will give you time to pick up ammo, the supply of
ammo never runs out ,however you have to go and get it
each time, and it only replenishes if you have no ammo left.

Ammo is located usually a bit before the entrance where
Boaz arrived. It blinks red on the ground so you will have
to look for it . This is a difficult section but as other members
have said target the pods by shooting at them, Boaz will
goo everywhere but this indicating she ( it ) is running out
of puff. Try not to let the goo cover you as Kurtis can

The way i did it was to use Kurtis's running skills, Boaz
shouldnt catch you although she is pretty close, then when
you have enough ammo, aim at the pods if one of the pods
starts closing up, your on the way, check your ammo come back and target another pod, then do some more running, come back and get the pods again eventually you will get to a cut scene.

Your then back with Lara to tackle the Lost domain. Hope this helps / Chris

15th Aug 2004, 20:08
The End key (PC) does switch targets, but only if you are actively targerting (auto-aiming at) something. Otherwise the End key causes a roll.

Lara Freak
19th Aug 2004, 10:43
thanx for ur advices, I killed boez after a week of hard work killin her.:D