View Full Version : Movement on the strategic map

12th Aug 2004, 15:51
How will movement on the strategic map be done?

Hopefully it'll be done well like the rest of the game.(i'm not sucking up much:D )

12th Aug 2004, 18:10
from what the screenshots look like, it seems to be similar to the TW series, and the paradox games.

Vic Flange
8th Sep 2004, 16:28
You'll move from province to province by dragging your armies and ships (yes, in a similar way to TW).

9th Sep 2004, 16:57
Will armies be a standard size as in each piece is a set number of men? Or will there be difference? Also, if there is a castle/fort in a province will you have to fight it? I would think that the provinces are so large that an army should be able to simply go around them....but I'm assuming you must fight these forts...hope not though...

Long Live Prussia!

11th Sep 2004, 04:09

So are the provinces subdivided? Or if you win, you win the whole province? Are maps and provinces synonymous?

In the trailer, I saw multiple unit flags per province. Kinda make me thinking if each province is subdivided since there are only 53 maps/provinces?


13th Sep 2004, 12:09
I alwasy just assumed that it would be 'all or nothing', but maybe not. Still though....any way to get more pronvinces in, I'm for it!

Long Live Prussia!

Vic Flange
17th Sep 2004, 10:46
Provinces are set sizes, though you won't be able to take them over straight away. You'll need a period of assimilation, which can be altered by various factors (number of troops there, buildings constructed etc).

Armies are under the control of commanders and can vary in size, depending on the commanders' rank.