View Full Version : Nam 67: MP ?

12th Aug 2004, 14:59
After playing a lot with Vietcong and Battlefield Vietnam, it's about time that a new Vietnam game is on. Great to read that Nam 67 will be released in September.

What I do not have read on Shellshocks internetsite is whether the game will have a multiplayer part. Can anyone enlighten me ?

Hans van Halteren

12th Aug 2004, 15:53
There's no multiplayer.

12th Aug 2004, 18:58
nope. no multiplayer. There should be a thread that states theres no multiplayer so people who just joined wouldn't ask.

17th Aug 2004, 22:12
I dont care how "well" a game is made, I will spend my money on a product that supports MP. With all the hype surrounding this game, and the delays, Eidos should have FINISHED this game by making it MP. I have read some posts from people claiming to work for Eidos that they spent around 30hrs playing the game and beat it. Thats great if you are not paying 50 bucks for it, since I am going to be paying for it, I will spend my MONEY where it can be used for MP Online capabilities. This MEANS more money for EA. Eidos just hopes with all the hype everyone will buy this game. WRONG. Once it gets out there is NO MP Online, intrest fades and so does this scene. LATER

18th Aug 2004, 18:31
That's fine if you aren't going to buy it. But don't come here bashing a game you never intend to buy. I am all for contructive criticizm, but not mindless ranting due to a game not supporting this, that or the other feature(s).

Not trying to fuel any fires, but posts like ATHF's have a tendency to start raging flame wars. Thanks for your time. :)

and I will reiterate, there will be no online support. It's unfortunate, but Guerilla wanted to focus on the single player aspect, and make it as good as possible.

I don't like the fact it isn't multiplayer either, but the single player game is in fact very entertaining and a bit spooky at times. :D

19th Aug 2004, 00:01
Unfortunate? I don't think so at all. Too many games are online already. One of the big reasons I'm getting this game is because I think it's safe to say that SSN'67 won't be a clone.
very entertaining and a bit spooky at times. :mad: Your knowledgeable remarks are causing me to wet my pants.:p