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12th Aug 2004, 02:15
for delaying this game for sale reason this is from gamespot=

Dutch developer Guerrilla actually finished ShellShock in June, but Eidos has decided to delay the game until fall. The company stated that it wanted to avoid releasing the game during the traditionally slow early-summer sales period

what the is that man that sucks

12th Aug 2004, 03:08
if you dont like eidos dont buy the game and dont come here... your an idiot. AND GET A BETTER SOURCE THEN GAMESPOT

12th Aug 2004, 15:41
Originally posted by CampKillYourself
if you dont like eidos dont buy the game and dont come here... your an idiot. AND GET A BETTER SOURCE THEN GAMESPOT

so where did you get youre info there sir please give me a link there buddy

12th Aug 2004, 16:29
go to a ****ing store and ask them. Ask any of the moderators who work at eidosn who comes into these forums. www.Ign.com im not sure if this one is updated but i know for a fact that they were tweakin the graphics and fixing glitches

12th Aug 2004, 19:09
Campkillyourself. Won't you do what your username says and just kill yourself. All you did was just gave a link to a site. Any moron with fingers and a keyboard can do that.

Your telling me that you take the word of a local gamestop, over primary sources given to us by video game sites whos job it is to get the latest information on games. ???

12th Aug 2004, 20:03
*clears throat*

Ahem, you might want to conisder to calm down a bit, not to mention that this was a bad choice of topic to start with.

He takes the word of Eidos which is still the first source to go with.

12th Aug 2004, 20:51
Did They not work on graphics and glitches???? And you are just a plain old ***get.. why they hell are you talking **** to me when this bssacha kid is saying down with eidos. all i said was that gamespot was not updated for a while
so shut the hell up, because alot of the people who work at gamestop are hardcore gamers who know alot more than your dumbass aceofspades
do you even know what campkillyourself is?
and that would imply that YOU would kill YOURSELF not me! :)

12th Aug 2004, 21:03
Okay, I have come up with perfect solution. Both CampKillYourself and bbsacha are gone. Bye. Finito. Camp your heart's in the right place, but your manners leave much to be desired. bbsacha, you do the word troll an injustice, I'm afraid.