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L Croft
11th Aug 2004, 07:41

More details, (http://www.funkylydia.com/a.html)
Click here view the chat. (http://www.funkylydia.com/chat.html)
Click here to see prize list or ask any questions may you have. (http://www.funkylydia.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=245)

11th Aug 2004, 19:43
WOW!!! Good for you {{{{{{{{{{{{Lydia}}}}}}}}}}}}}}! :D

13th Aug 2004, 08:57

L Croft
13th Aug 2004, 12:42
thanks guys {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{LM}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}, will you come to the chat event we are gonna have?

L Croft
25th Aug 2004, 17:31
Competitions have now been organised.

To get the prizes you must be in chatroom on the 5th. Clues will be given out once every hour starting at 6.30pm UK time, you will then follow the clue to a page on my site and the first person to find the page wins the prize.
We also now have a banner competition, design an image 450 pixles wide and less than 300 pixles high, the winning image will be on the front page of the site for a month and will win a prize of their choice.
Finally there will be a quiz on all the games mentioned on the site, don't worry if you haven't played them all, all you will need to know is on the site.

L Croft
26th Aug 2004, 15:02
The quiz is ready, submit your answers here (http://www.funkylydia.com/quiz.html), the winner will be announced at the chat event and get which ever prize they like best.