View Full Version : Conflict VietNam

10th Aug 2004, 23:33
Who else is keen for this other nam game...

Will it rate up there with ShellShock???

11th Aug 2004, 15:09
nah man, that game looks weak compared to shellshock and MOV. But probably because I'm not a fan of Desert storm I & II.

22nd Aug 2004, 00:43
NO WAY!!!!!!!!! i have the 2 desert storm ones, they are awesome, and so will vietnam, i just dont think ti will be as cool as ssn67

22nd Aug 2004, 15:26
If you have 3 friends playing a conlict game it's really fun,I have a feeling conflict vietnam will do better.Shellshock seems like a game you play once or twice then your bored.

23rd Aug 2004, 23:06
Are you Kidding ME??? the first game sucked ass. Bad controls and dumb AI. Purple haze, MOV, and Nam 67 are way ahead of conflict. And what i think is most attracting about Nam 67 over anything else is the rpg element and how it focuses more on the dark gritty part of Nam. If its anything like the movie "full metal jacket" its gonna friggen Rock!