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8th Aug 2004, 20:18
I think Tomb Raider 7 should have a multiplayer option: for players on one computer or on a network. for example the characters could be lara and kurtis and the player can choose from cooperative, duel, who reaches first point X.... etc. Won't it be cool?

Lara Croft Online
8th Aug 2004, 20:38
I had an idea for online participation by utilizing a newly
redesigned Lara's Mansion with a bunch of new challenges
on the assault course. Hidden secret places and race tracks
possibly with a sports car and motorcycle this time.
People could test their skills throughtout the courses competing
for the best times. A Kurtis character could be used along with
the Lara Character. There always was a lot of fun at the mansion
I think it's long overdo to return. Toby are you listening?
We want it back! :D

11th Aug 2004, 19:45
Yup agreed - bring back the mansion! Love your challenges idea LCO, would be fun! ;)

11th Aug 2004, 23:35
I think TR7 should be able to make coffeƩ, or tee...

12th Aug 2004, 11:59
... and maybe bake some cookies as well. :D

As for the multiplayer option, I say no. Call me conservative, if you will... :p

16th Aug 2004, 21:23
The Mansion should definitely come back! Unfortunately, I don't think that Kurtis will be in the 7th game and I'm actually glad that he won't. I enjoy Lara fighting on her own without having someone to worry about.
Although, the duel play is pretty interesting...I just don't think that it would fit well with the Tomb Raider games.