View Full Version : All games the Same

8th Aug 2004, 05:38
Will all the games be the same or will console versions be different from the PC versions (i hope not)

8th Aug 2004, 15:34
Hmmm thats a really good question. I should think they would be the same (as are most games that I've played on two different systems) but I'm not sure. Maybe one of those lucky sons of guns (the mods who work for Eidos AND got to play it already) could answer that.

8th Aug 2004, 22:57
They probably will be, and i saw that it will be 3 gb on comp (thats about 5 cd's of data!) But i'm gettin it on Xbox, because i have a lousy laptop, hope its the same on Xbox!

11th Aug 2004, 00:45
The PC version should be virtually identical to the console version, with the obvious exception of the memory card references and the like.