View Full Version : Thief Problem running on Windows XP using 2 Accounts

8th Aug 2004, 02:06
Thief Deadly Shadows was running fine on Windows XP Home edition.

Then I tried to start it up using another account on the same PC. It failed when loading the first mission. Now it is fails when startinging it on either account. Only way to get it working again with the original account was to reinstall the game software.

Whats the problem, can't two people on the same PC play the game? No two peopler are not trying to play the game at the same time on the PC.

I've tried the 1.1 patch still no luck.

The error fails in t3main.exe at offset 00025a58

Grey Mouser
9th Aug 2004, 21:23
You _must_ be logged in with Administrative privileges to play Thief III.

In theory, you could play two concurrent games played by two different people if you were very careful with your Saved Game slots.

12th Aug 2004, 00:00
Both user ids do have administrator authority.