View Full Version : Searching somebody for making models

8th Aug 2004, 00:35
Hello, I'm creator from Czech republic and I am searching somebody for myking four models into my fun missions. Now I finishing my first mission from campaigne "For better tommorow". I want to make six or seven, eight missions. I need four models into my future missions. First on is Golden Helmit (ancient one), second is Shield (ancient one), third is Sword (ancient one, only object, not for Garrett) and the last one is Belt (ancient one).

Please some 3d object makers contact me at email Yohny@seznam.cz. I let you do it how you want to..

John D.
8th Aug 2004, 20:13
You might try checking for stuff at the Low Poly Guild or Nameless Voice's site for objects and authors who might be interested.:)