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John D.
6th Aug 2004, 20:38
1. I know what creature pose the zombie uses so you can have a face up body, but does anyone know if there is a pose that has their arms streched overhead as though they've been hung upside down?

2. How do you rig an emit-trap to emit an object with the push of the button? I seem to have misplaced my old notes.

7th Aug 2004, 22:40
2. Just link the button to the trap with a ControlDevice link.
By default it only emits once. To allow infinite emissions, add unto the trap the script [i]ReloadTweqEmit[i] (Replace TrapTweqEmit and leave Don't Inherit unchecked).

John D.
8th Aug 2004, 01:39
Ok, the trap now works, but I seem to have a new problem. I had wanted to create a security camera system by having an emitter release a modified camera grenade which would be set to self-delete after 20 seconds to keep from an object build-up. However I cant seem to get the grenade to work via emitter.:confused:

8th Aug 2004, 16:01
When you modified the grenade, did you modify the archetype (or create a new one under the default) or did you just modify one that was concrete?

The trap can only emit what exists in the Heirarchy.

John D.
8th Aug 2004, 20:31
Well I havent made the altered grenade yet, what I did was first to have the emitter release a normal camera first to make sure it would work. When it emitted the grenade, it hit the floor but I didnt switch to it's view. After picking it up and throwing it myself, it worked.