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6th Aug 2004, 09:23
Anybody notising any grenadiers in the trailer? That is one magnificent unit type! Grenadiers were important matter in infantry- battles, to quickly take down the number of enemies. Would love to se large infatry regiments getting jellyd up by grenadier- soldiers!:D

12th Aug 2004, 19:36
Hei Walter! Jeg liker 'grenadeers' ikke veldig mye! Jeg elsker helt normalt 'fusiliers' og 'musketeers'! Hva synes du er sâ flott av 'grenadeers'?

12th Aug 2004, 19:54
Originally posted by Kai-Arne
Hei Walter! Jeg liker 'grenadeers' ikke veldig mye! Jeg elsker helt normalt 'fusiliers' og 'musketeers'! Hva synes du er sâ flott av 'grenadeers'?

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Translate it or have it removed please.:o

14th Aug 2004, 18:11
Yes sir! Almost done!
Translation: Hi Walter! I don't like grenadeers that much. I like simple fusileers and musketeers (more)! What do you think is so great of grenadeers?

PS: Mr sick sir, I just wanted to show Walter that I'm able to speek a language (norwegian) which is very similar to his motherlanguage (sweedish). Sorry, sir!

15th Aug 2004, 18:27
Because a grenadier could cause panic in enemy lines, and that would be an intresting element in the battlefield.

15th Aug 2004, 19:46
yeah, but so can cavalry, artillery, and normal line regiments.

15th Aug 2004, 20:17
Ever played Shogun; Mongol Invasion? You can clearly see that grenadiers, faster creates panic amongst the samurais, much faster than an heavy mongol cavalry, Grenadiers could also create high damage over an small area, which a rifle cannot.

16th Aug 2004, 07:29
Ok, dude you need a history lesson.

Grenadiers in the beginning of the 19th century were not specialized "grenade-throwers", they were an e"elite" part of the army, like any other regiments. Grenades as a general tactic was not used during the Napoleonic era, since massive infantry lines were far more effective, and grenades simply stopped making enough damage.

Grenadiers were used as mainly assault troops, garnering them the "elite" status I was talking about, they usually consisted of physically large men, which would indeed give them a higher degree of "panic-causing ability".

What you speak of is a grenadier that is omnipotent which is very untrue. They were usually a very good unit, but not to the degree you speak of.

Please, please, please don't compare units from games in different time periods, as that is plain stupid. What next, are you going to argue the superiority of a well-handled trireme over a 19th century frigate ?

16th Aug 2004, 08:51
Oooh someone has a bad day here obviosly:D
Sorry for forgetting the period of this game, and secondly sorry that I gave the idea that grenadiers maybe would be fun to play with.

17th Aug 2004, 02:03
no problem, we all make mistakes .... you just make them more often :-)

17th Aug 2004, 08:33
Well I know that this world isn´t perfect, so why should I be?:)

Vic Flange
8th Sep 2004, 16:38
Yes, Grenadiers will be in the game; no, they won't have grenades :)

17th Sep 2004, 05:22
hopes this game will not disappoint me. and hopes it is not another "war and peace" cause that game sucks big time.
you can see some screenshot of imperial glory at ign by keying in imperial glory at the keyword search.

17th Sep 2004, 05:46
keyword search ?

Go to IGN, go to Gamespy, go to Gamespot, go to the Game's web-site !

I agree in that War and Peace was a bad game, but what does that have to do with anything ?

You're not even comparing the games, you're just saying "I hope it's not like that crappy game."

So what is the point ? Is that the only game you've ever played, apart from Warcraft 3 ?