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5th Aug 2004, 19:25
*looks around*
"what a spooky place'
*wears a nametag*
Im from the Timesplitters forums and all i got wuas this stupid nametag

Hey you murderers
i have the game and when i click on the Hitman 2 icon it says
"Direct 3d unable to create device : try changing resolution or color depth"
I have direct X 9.0 and pretty sure its all up to date but wth do i do?!

7th Aug 2004, 09:39
Cmon Now i know this forum is dead will anyone just say where to find help?

16th Aug 2004, 16:03
I have dx 9.0 as well and have no problems..what kind of video card to you have?

18th Aug 2004, 00:24
This is probably a problem with your current video drivers. Instead of troubleshooting that, however, just run the game using OpenGL (looks just as good, if not better)

Go to the directory in which you installed the game

- locate the TEXT file called "Hitman2". Make sure its the configuration file, or INI file and NOT the EXE!

- open the file

- Find the line that reads "DrawDll RenderD3D.Dll"

- Change this line so it reads "DrawDll RenderOpenGL.Dll"

- Save the file

- Run the game

Hope this helps