View Full Version : Problem with lights

5th Aug 2004, 18:51
For some reason when I stand still sometimes in thief 3, everythings works normal. I see all the light sourses and they shine correctly on the floors and walls. However, when I move just to the left or right a little, some light sourses flat out dissapear or move all together. Also, I may be in direct light, but my light meter reads 0 or vice versa. in general, where the light shines, its whack?

I have an:
AIW 9600 cat4.7

I heard something like the 4.8 drivers might fix this, is it true?

also what does Thief 3 run on? open GL or d3d? Maybe the new doom 4.9 beta drivers would help? thanks

5th Aug 2004, 20:48
go to www.guru3d.com and download the 4.8b beta driver. That solves it.