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3rd Aug 2004, 17:51
Man it's good to have this place up and running. ( I quess we won't have to try and post on the main community board anymore) So out of curiosity (and I think I've asked before) what system is everyone getting this game for (and why)? I was thinkin' PS2 because this just seems more like a console game to me. If it was FPS (which it is NOT, for all you who keep asking) I'd go with PC but that's just me

edit: I quess I should've made it a poll (never made one before) :o

3rd Aug 2004, 17:58
Yeah i remember this board when it was open along time ago PRO-ONLINE-PLAY and all of them dudes would hit it up every day...well im getting the game for XBOX because i've basically quit on my PS2 cuz it freezes too much an alot more games are comin out for xbox..Men of Valor for instance..well at least Eidos gave us one thing back! our forum! lol all we need now is the official shellshock site to be UPDATED cuz its super old. well thats my 50 cents im out.

3rd Aug 2004, 18:01
Yeah you said it I use to check that thing all the time but after awhile I just gave up.

4th Aug 2004, 02:31
Just after I joined, like 2 hours or so, this site was taken down due to the release date changing.

but to the question at hand. I'm getting it for PS2, cause thats all I have....

4th Aug 2004, 06:15
haha who was that one crazy guy who posted up that Poll that we should Boycott the game..man that guy was awesome lol well dudes i hope this game is really good for all of this DRAMA over it...and this is off subject but does Men of Valor have online play? lol ok im out bye...i see all these views but no people posting...START POSTING AGAIN! lol

4th Aug 2004, 07:09
be careful of what you wish for . speak of the devil,now here i am.
see you all in hell.:mad: o :o :o :o :o : :eek: :eek:

4th Aug 2004, 15:40
lol long time no talk well at least some of the old faces are comin back...lets get more lively around here jeez!...even though there really isnt anything to talk about since there have been no updates about the game itself because they arnt updating the official shellshock website which i go to every day once i get on the internet to check if it gets at least a small update...*sigh*...

4th Aug 2004, 15:57
hey AgentOrange be sure to post any update stuff you see, cause i don't go every day anymore. It was too disappointing. It's good to see you still have hope LOL :p

4th Aug 2004, 16:48
hahaha yeah! this games gonna rock! i will even though there hasnt been an update in a million years

4th Aug 2004, 17:32
im getting it for ps2 i have no xbox and my pc is the slow

5th Aug 2004, 21:03
Same here Jsans, although I might get a new soon.

8th Aug 2004, 13:36
im getting it for x-box because thats the only system i have in my room... therefor i can play it nonstop in the comfort of my bed... and other great games such as MOV and vietcong purple haze is comming out soon... Purple haze is comming out 8/31/04.. the day i go back to school:(

11th Aug 2004, 16:42
you go the 31st. Damn I go the 12th

23rd Aug 2004, 16:27
I'm getting it for the x-box. Reason being I already know the controls for it, and the x-box controllers seem more comfortable for me.

I go back to school Sept. 15th 1 day after SSN67 is released.

23rd Aug 2004, 21:13
thats the pre release date, i think its gonna come out a day or two after... from what i hear

23rd Aug 2004, 21:51
ya it should be in stores the 17th. friday.

24th Aug 2004, 03:33