View Full Version : Custom Helmets and stuff of that sort

3rd Aug 2004, 14:26
Hey all,
does anyone remember when this thread first started up we used to talk about writing on our helmets during the game and what we would have on our helmets and flack jackets? well does anyone know if that was just a rumor or if its true that we can write on our helmets and stuff? well thanks im out

3rd Aug 2004, 14:38
don't think it's true. but if it is, then that's pretty awesome. name's Justin too btw. l8er

4th Aug 2004, 02:27
is it true that you can slect your skin colour????

Cause I have only seen 'white' soilders and no mention of it on any 'official' websites.

4th Aug 2004, 06:17
yeah its true you can choose to be White Black or Hispanic...im goin hispanic all the way cuz im brown lol

4th Aug 2004, 07:01
communist propaganda.:mad:

4th Aug 2004, 19:34
I was the one that came up with the idea of writing on your helmets, so no, it isn't true. I just thought it was a cool "what if" type of thing.

7th Aug 2004, 14:35
That would be pretty awesome.