View Full Version : This things back up?

2nd Aug 2004, 16:37
Hey all long time no post...wheres every one at? and whats the release date for ssn67...well ok...peace im out

2nd Aug 2004, 17:44
wow this thing is empty, not normal....:p

I think that moste of the SSN'67 fans are chating on an other place.

I hope that they can be brought back to this place...
I'm also waiting on SSN'67, and still interested in the game.

i think that the releas date is now somewhere in sept.

I'm not sure, with all those delays...

-live by your rules, play by ours-

3rd Aug 2004, 13:53
as of now it's release date is September 14th 2004.

3rd Aug 2004, 17:44

4th Aug 2004, 02:07
well at least we have one of the regulars back...i wonder where everyone else is..

5th Aug 2004, 20:36
Well the 14th is a long time from now but I guess the only thing to do is to wait. Europe gets theirs on the 3rd of September where we being the underdogs get ours the 14th. Whatever I guess.

5th Aug 2004, 21:01
Good to seeya Optik. I thought you got banned (or was theat the IGN board?) lol any way good to have you back as well as all the others. what ever happened to ole CHAPEL?

6th Aug 2004, 04:39
alright optik is back! this forum is starting to become alot more lively lol regulars coming back well i know im still gettin it on sept. 14th but isnt that the same day Starwars: Battlefronts comes out....weaksauce..