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31st Jul 2004, 15:12
Hi all.

I can't play the game and i'm gonna try to explain:

After the instalation i reboot the system, like i always do!
When i "click" in the Shortcut on the desktop the mouse disapears and i can't do nothing. After that i waited like 2 minutes because sometimes takes a lot to load or whatever and nothing :(

I pressed the Ctrl + Alt + Del and i saw in the programs two things, A message that never appears and i thing that message is the error but i can't see the message, and the other thing that appears is a ICON From Thief 3 like i have the game running but i selected the game and pressed "switch to" and the mouse dissapear again :(

Maybe someone can help me with this!

I have WinXP Pro with all updates, AMD XP 1800+, 512 MB, GeForce 4 with 64MB DDR and i have the lattest driver update for my Geforce, Sound Blaster Live Value 4.1 with the last update, DirectX 9b.

I read the .TXT that cames with the game and one of the known issues with the game that appears like my problem that the drivers isn't certified with DirectX 9b. After that i ran DXDIAG and i saw one thing strange that says i have SOUND1 and SOUND2, the SOUND 1 is certified because it is from Sound Blaster but in SOUND2 isn't certified. After this i checked in the Control Pannel the SOUND and gives me the Sound Blaster Live and i can choose the other sound card that i think it was from an old modem that have MIC and Speaker OUT in the card.

I went to Device manager to take off the other card and doesn't exist.

I'll apreciate any help from anyone to try to run the game :)


1st Aug 2004, 18:11
It sounds like your video card is a Geforce4mx - a card that doesn't support pixel shaders (see the system requirements).

2nd Aug 2004, 02:45
Yes i have a Geforce 4 MX and i think its about the Pixer something, can i run without this? There's anything i can do to run without buy another card???

Thx for any help :)

2nd Aug 2004, 03:11
NO! You will get a black screen at best. You can't run with your present card.

It's a "no hoper" as they say in the UK.