View Full Version : Playing XIII using XIII-2's guide

25th Aug 2013, 17:36
Hi, so I hadn't played Final Fantasy XIII-2 for over a year so naturally wanted to start again. This time I have the official guide to go with it too. BUT I am really confused!

I opened the guide and it says you start in New Bodhum (003 AF), with Lightning and having a fight with Chaos Bahamut...The first fight I had was with Manasvin Warmech with the guy Sahz. The guide then says that Serah begins in NORA house and that I need to leap over obstacles. Well, that hasn't happened. A bridge broke and then it flipped to the Snow guy.

Am I being really stupid? I hope not haha!! Also, can anyone give me any easy ways of finding the area I am in in the guide?

Thank you in advance to anyone who might be able to shed some light on this for me :)

25th Aug 2013, 21:00
Can anyone help? I tried restoring my Xbox back to factory settings and it still hasn't worked, because I thought maybe it had something to do with achievements I had unlocked.

Is it meant to start where they have the train crash or is it meant to start at NORA House?

26th Aug 2013, 09:42
LOL Playing XIII using XIII-2's guide is a big whoops :p
You're really funny =)