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31st Jul 2004, 08:44
To what extent will the game be modifiable? Will we be able to change sounds, flags, unit names and numbers, or textures?

31st Jul 2004, 10:05
I doubt there will be an built-in editor, but if the fan-base will grow big enough, someone might be able to make one.

I doubt it will be impossible.

31st Jul 2004, 10:18
I really hope that an editor will be included. It may cost extra time to develop a public one, but more people will buy the game (= bigger community) and the game will have a much longer lifetime!!

Pyro Studios never released an editor for any of their games. It really is a pity. Many people wanted an editor for Commandos, even if it was only to change the coordinates of objects. Everytime when was asked "why?" then the answer was that the game is too complex to make an editor for.:(

So at least I would like to see this:
1.) A cheat that shows the coordinates on the map.
2.) Files that contain information about the objects on the map to be decoded.

Or just make an editor that enables you to modify the whole game to your own wishes.:D

31st Jul 2004, 19:06
I doubt people will buy a game because of an editor.

31st Jul 2004, 21:59
No, but it can sway your decission in that games direction. While someone won't buy a game because it has an editor, they might buy it instead of another game because it has an editor. "Ooh, I can make my own maps and units" customiseable content has an appeal to many people.

Anyway, I think that if IG were to have an editor it would probably only be a map and scenario editor. Nothing advanced like texture replacements and sound studios.

31st Jul 2004, 22:38
I think Pyro Studios should seriously consider wether to release an editor or not.
Once we had a thread at the Eidos community chat section that was about the question what developers should do to make their games more attractive.
The outcome was that great graphics wont do the trick anymore. Most times the great graphics spoil the play time of a game, you finish it in a matter of hours and the story sucks.
An editor is the outcome and will sound attractive to a lot of people. Being able to modify the game to your own wishes will have a good influence on the fun factor and the life time of a game.

Pyro Studios and Eidos, think about it. The bigger the community, the more people know your company, the more populairity you gain, the more money you earn (which is where life is all about.., sadly :( )
Most time gamefiles will be cracked anyway, but usually that is at the point when the game is almost dead (Praetorians almost didn't "survive" it. Luckely there was still Javier Arévalo (aka Jare), bless him.)

10th Aug 2004, 11:26
modify the whole game would run a bit to far for a game editor. that would also cause trouble with the multiplayer game.
making new maps will be nessassary. the possibility to import new flags and uniforms for other empires or special units, would be great, but mayby it is too hard to make an in game editor (just thinking about the different hats and helmets).
but it should be made as easy as possible to mod the game. there for the gmax editor would be very good, but the game must be licensed for that by dicreed.

10th Aug 2004, 14:08
I only want to be able to mod the minor factions in so they're playable. I do love being the underdog and think it would be fun to take out napoleons armies with the dutch