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30th Jul 2004, 07:35
How is IP going to produce smoke and fire on the computer battlefield? I sure liked the infantry muzzle flashes I saw on the trailer. Couldn't make out what the smoke looked like.

I believe the only thing I really liked about "Empire Earth" was the drifting smoke on the (napoleonic) battlefield, ingeniously done with circulating hexagonals. It didn't look like anything when analyzed in close, but from a distance it was actually like real drifting smoke. And then the small yellow muzzleflashes lighting it all up. Very funny. The rest of the game was s**t, but that part was done more or less good.

Back to IP: the field artillery explosions from the "Imperial Glory"-trailer looked like there was only one explosion-animation for all artilleryfire. I'm not sure whether I like that. "Sudden Strike" had a few more explosion-shots I recall. With all sorts of creative fire-effects inside. Wouldn't that be an idea to do here, too? I think to make it look real, you need some more variation in the pyrotechnics department. No two explosions in real life look alike.

Another point: Cossacks 2 seems to have the option of issuing orders to each file of soldiers independently to aim their rifles (I take it that the rest of your army does that automatically while you are micromanaging a single regiment). Pretty amazing for a game that focuses on the grand-scale battles. Personally I feel that a game must look as good as a movie does.
I'm certainly willing to trade off massiveness (quantity) for quality. I'd rather see a good-looking fight on a small scale, than a massive show-down of computerclowns, so in that respect I do not favor the approach taken by the Cossacks 2 team. Let's hope Imperial Glory can deliver some really impressive realism for the sacrifice they made in quantity. If they can, then to me, Cossacks is history.

Vic Flange
2nd Aug 2004, 13:24
We are aiming to add more smoke to the battlefields, but the amount we add will depend on issues of performance.

2nd Aug 2004, 13:42
I want lots of smoke!!! When tha battle have lasted some time the shoud be so much smoke so u canĀ“t se across the battlefield.

3rd Aug 2004, 00:03
and the effects of wind on smoke ? This is particularly important in naval warfare - if the smoke clears fast in front of one ship, it gives the other ship an advantage of seeing the target.

5th Aug 2004, 01:39
I love the pyrotechnical stuff, I was goign to be a Pyro Technician until I found out how much math it involved. :D

Just as long as I don't get so awed at it that I forget to command my troops.