View Full Version : Where can I find dromed?

burned again
30th Jul 2004, 04:49
It should be on the disk under 'goodies'
If you was playing TG or t2 on the 1st disc. But on my copy of T1: The Dark Project Platinum Collection, the editor didn't come with the disc! I have never seen the T1 editor whare in the heck do you get it from!?

John D.
30th Jul 2004, 06:57
You're right, I just checked my platinum editon disk and it doesnt have it. You should be able to find and download it from here. http://www.3dactionplanet.com/thief/dromed/beginners.asp

30th Jul 2004, 23:27
Please give your post a meaningful title. I have edited it.

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