View Full Version : Movement problems

29th Jul 2004, 10:22
Hi all, I seem to have some v. annoying movement problems in Thirf DS. For the majority of the time my run mode seems to have some sort of auto sneak mode attached to it which means I can only move around at a snails pace which aint so bad when I wanna creep but it does mean that when I need to move fast I can't. Also when this "auto sneak" mode is on I can't jump and when I go to pick locks I can only use the keyboard as it shifts me to 3rd person mode which is v. annoying. Is this just an option I need to turn off, is it ment to be like this or is it just some sort a bug? All help would be appreciated.

20th Aug 2004, 16:51
Check to see if you have any gamepad's or joystick's plugged into the system. If you do, unplug them. If you do not, check the game controller options in the Windows control panel to make sure nothing is listed there. That usually causes weird movement problems. ;)