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27th Jul 2004, 10:27
hey up

I've just recently bought and installed theif 3. But when I try to start it, I get the message:

Flesh failed to initialize!
Please check that you:
1. Have a supported video card
2. Have current video drivers
3. Have all required shader files
4. Have all required texture files

now before u start thinking hes using a rubish card its a raddy 9700 pro....... not top spec but comeon.....

every other game i run works fine so... any ideas?


27th Jul 2004, 17:18
Think the clues in the title....... :D

Mine won't run either, but you've gotta laugh ain't yer..... :(

Grey Mouser
27th Jul 2004, 18:33
Hmm...the only time I have ever seen that error is when trying to run DX:IW on a GeForce 4 MX series...which cannot run the engine.

For you to be getting this error on a Radeon 9700 means...your drivers are not updated or were not installed correctly, or you might have installed the vid card without disabling on-board video, or you might need to update the motherboard drivers, especially the AGP driver. When you update video card drivers drivers it REALLY IS important to follow the instructions, usually meaning uninstall the last version before installing the new version.

magickangaroo - make sure to reinstall your vid card drivers according to the manufacturers instructions. Post back here with your results, I speak from personal experiece that Thief: DS runs well on a Radeon 9700 (minus the driver-related 'flashing' issue that should be fixed in Catalyst 4.8).

dhama - what is going on with the game?

28th Jul 2004, 09:48
personally i realy love misslead info in pop up windows..... i mean the cats were updated a few weeks after the latest ones came out. so thats out of the window...

i think a set of drivers were corupted on my hd... since posting ive been reciveing a huge ammount of windows write failed messages and am going to reinstall tonight.... will post back with what happens

thanks for the replys