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25th Jul 2004, 20:52
I waited for a long time, with baited breath for the release of Thief III. I was impressed by the last two (only slightly less the the TR series), but impressed nevertheless. The last two ran without hassle, and so has every other high spec game i've bought over the last year.

Why oh why should I have a problem running T3. The game will run up to a point when I then get a sound caught in an endless loop, and the only way out is the reset.

I have followed advice from this forum, and downloaded and applied the update patch. I had a little problem running TRAOD, but at least I got it running.

With all the technical advice, it still won't run without crashing. So now I have a shiny new game with no home.

I did ask a friend to see if it would run on thier PC, and they had the same difficulty..... is it the area we're in, I mean, my car insurance company charge the Earth becuase of our zip code, so I'm rather thinking it may be the area..... please tell me it's the area and i'll glady move, just so I can play T3 unhindered; please tell me.............. :confused:

25th Jul 2004, 21:01
Suppose i'd better leave my specs..

Radeon 9500
P4 2.53
512 ram
Win XP home

...perhaps it's the ATI card since a lot of people are getting similar problems.........

26th Jul 2004, 00:25
Some of the releases are faulty. I suggest a letter (email) to the address in the back of the manual. Request a RMA and detail the situation.

I had random crashes at different places in the game. I returned my Discs and a check showed that they were, in fact defective.

Disable Hyper threading on the P4 first and try again. And I run with a ATI 8500, and a 9600SE with no problems.

Try the OMEGA drivers from www.omegacorner.net and see if that helps.

26th Jul 2004, 21:23
Thanks Blackman, but I gotta say, code is code, and byte for byte, I never had this much difficulty running any game in the past.

I have the latest of everything, i'm forever spouting driver upgrade at TRLE when the level editor refuses to run for someone.

If it's a defective disc, it may as well go in the bin... Doom III is out soon so I guess i'll wyle away my spare time on that instead.

It's a shame cos I did like the last two.

Thanks for your advice though; appreciated. :)