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24th Jul 2004, 15:03
(revised August 1st - Update #3)

This year, Tomb Raider Community Network (http://www.pcgamesdb.com/tombraider) and TombRaiderGirl.Com (http://www.tombraidergirl.com), in association with leading Tomb Raider Fan Sites - TombRaiderInc.Com (http://www.tombraiderinc.com), TombRaider4U.Com (http://www.tombraider4u.com), PlanetLara.Com (http://www.planetlara.com), The Village of Tokakeriby Forums (http://pub76.ezboard.com/bthevillageoftokakeriby) and Russian Fan Site - TombRaider.Ru (http://www.tombraider.ru) - and with some of its member sites, is holding a fan fiction competition - Tomb Raider Fan Fiction Competition 2004.

All Tomb Raider fan fiction writers are invited to participate in this event. Details regarding competition are as follows:

Starting Date: July 16th, 2004
Ending Date: October 1st, 2004
Winner Announcement Date: October 15th, 2004

Accepted Stories: Stories which has been published for preview are acceptable if only if the published part does not exceed the 50% of the whole story in word-number basis. Only brand new, original stories are accepted. All submissions will be cross-checked via the databases of our trusted partners and supporting friends. Works which were already published, will be deleted and contestant disqualified;
Plagiaristic submissions STRICTLY FORBIDDEN! Such submissions will be deleted and member will be disqualified for 3 (three) competitions which will be held in future, including the current one;
Works will be accepted in 3 categories: short stories (up to 2 pages - equivalent of 2000 words), medium-size stories (3 - 20 pages, equivalent to 3000 - 20000 words) and novels (21+ pages, equivalent to 20000+ words);
We reserve the right to change these terms anytime.

Upcoming Official Tomb Raider Fiction Book: The Lost Cult (http://www.pcgamesdb.com/tombraider/store.php?ASIN=034546172X);
Well-known, talented artist, Paolo "greensheep" Vido and St.Natla @ TR.Ru will draw an art-work on Novels and Short Stories category winner stories, respectively.
Winning story of Medium-Size Stories and Short Stories categories will be published on Tales of Lara Croft fanzine (possibly not in the same issue - this is because of page restriction of the magazine), as well as accompanied sketches of St.Natla and greensheep;
Free copy of the latest issue of Tales of Lara Croft fanzine;
Judges of Competition:
Below is the latest list of judges of competition. This list is subject to change anytime, during the event.
Tim Radley (well-known Tomb Raider fan fiction writer),
Jana Novatscheck - webmistress of Tombraidergirl.Com,
James Watson - editor of Tales of Lara Croft fanzine,
Geremy Carnes (he is also well known writer) and Colin Pall - TRComm Fan Fictions Managers,
Paolo Vido - TRComm Fan Arts Editor,
Chris Ridgeon - webmaster of PlanetLara.Com
Steve Reaper - owner of The Village of Tokakeriby forums
Caroline Alexiou - webmistress of TombRaider4U.Com

Competition will be held via Lara's Treasure Room Forums (http://forum.tombraidergirl.net/viewforum.php?f=28). Detailed information regarding story submissions will follow soon.

We wish good luck to all participants!

1st Aug 2004, 18:41
Update 3: Terms updated. Please check original post at the top.