View Full Version : Annoying bug

23rd Jul 2004, 18:29
So when are they gonna fix the bug where you hit the "save" button and the friggin "load" option comes up!!

That's bad enough but really annoying the other way around.....Oops I messed up......better reload...... bugger, stupid save screen......now i've saved and i'm screwed!!!!

23rd Jul 2004, 19:22
Slow down, read before you act. You surely will not forget what was going on in the few seconds it takes you to make the correct choice on the menu screen.

In game or out. Thief in all its permutations is not GRAND PRIX AUTO where you need to race to the finish line. :D

It is not a "Bug". All the thief menus (TDP-TGOLD-TMA-DS) for SAVEGAME are the same. When the menu comes up, you select the option SAVE, or LOAD and continue from there.