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Mr. Garrett
21st Jul 2004, 17:11
I am getting frequent lockups on T3. The funny thing is, the demo ran like a charm. I had no problems whatsoever. Now that I have bought the real deal its nothing but problems. I have already followed the instructions from another thread to turn off AGP fast writes and AGP 8x for my 9600pro. This is really starting to annoy me. Any suggestions?

7th Aug 2004, 10:23
This is also starting to annoy me.

I bought this game and we can't even play it longer then about 30 mins. The problem is I can't find many people with the same problem, only a few.

What I did noticed that since yesterday thief also freezes sometimes so that I have to restart my computer (full freeze), and sometimes thief also restarts my computer itself. After that windows give me a RAM error. But it also says it doesn't have to be hardware error, could also be wrong xp code. It advises me to do the microsoft memory test.. and I passed it :S

I also have a ATI card. Radeon 9700 Pro.

What are your specs? Mine are:
Windows XP
Radeon 9700 PRo
512 DDR
creative 5.1 Live

7th Aug 2004, 10:51
I see we have nothing incommin. I think knowing that... it either has to be an hardware error we both have.. let's say the RAM.. or.. it could be the ATI cards.. but I doubt that one.. so in that case I'm going to blame some kind of software we got running.. But the problem is.. I turned of everything I have running.. Of course when opening taskbar there are alot of other program's.. but you can't see what they are for and what they do.. :S

edit- by the way, for the light flickering problem use the 4.8b from www.guru3d.com it makes the game alot less frustrating.. no flickering :)

I already contacted the eidos support yesterday, but I haven't got a response yet.

7th Aug 2004, 15:27
Big news.. I just shutted BLOOM off... and i havent had any trouble since... hmmm got to play some more to find out if this is really it!

7th Aug 2004, 18:22
Nice one also. What is fast writes en bloom for anyways?

11th Aug 2004, 21:53
i had the same problem - i ve read somewhere that one should get rid of whatever there is in TEMP directories and however preposterous the hint semmed to be - it worked for me. cheers.

12th Aug 2004, 14:08
windows/temp :-)