View Full Version : Help with the mission Parc Overlook

21st Jul 2004, 10:08

I don't find the secret passage.
I activate the switch in the office but when i go to the first floor I don't find the secret pessage.

Please help me

Tin Star
21st Jul 2004, 13:39
After you hit the switch run out the double doors and go left,when you reach the area where the grand staircase is go right through the big open door way into the room where you found the telescope and through the door across from where you entered and enter the hall and you will see a set of double glass doors on the left as you enter the door way to the hall,go through them and into the room ,follow the wall around to the right and you will see a book case that has moved to one side go through the opening and down the elevatory to find what you are looking for.

:cool: Tin Star

21st Jul 2004, 19:37
And don't lolligag around...it's only open for a short time. Go with haste, yet be undetected!

22nd Jul 2004, 18:29
i searched for that damn button for hours!!! 3 times in the wrong room, that was frustrating !!!!!!

23rd Jul 2004, 21:44
Thanks everybody it's ok now